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We Create Professional Interior Designers With Our Online Interior Design School

The interior designer’s business school gives you the skills and tools to become a professional interior designer or decorator working for yourself. We provide practical and personalised support in a group environment giving you all you need to be a successful designer, build a professional business and help you find projects that are right for your skill level.

Our approach is unlike any other interior design school or online interior design certificate course. Jo is an interior design mentor who knows that not everyone can afford the money or years of university studies to become an interior designer. The current industry is designed for school students, but most designers start their careers later in life and require an alternative path considering their previous experience and knowledge.

What Makes Our Interior Design School Different?


We’re constantly evolving & adding up-to-date knowledge of the industry so you don’t miss out on opportunities that could bring you success

Unique Experience

We have extensive knowledge & skills in areas beyond typical interior design, which brings a unique edge to our teaching style and mentoring.

Great Support

The high-touch nature of our online interior design school course gives you the feeling that you have someone with you every step of the way

Business Templates

We provide you with all the business, legal, drawing, pricing & marketing templates to get you set up professionally, legally and as quickly as possible

Interactive & Social

We have extensive knowledge & skills in areas beyond typical interior design, which brings a unique edge to our teaching style and mentoring.

It’s Real Life

We focus on the real day-to-day business side of things that no-one provides accurate or reliable answers to and help you create systems set for success

About The Core Values Of Our Interior Design School

Typical interior design schools worldwide including those that most would consider to be the best interior design schools, have built a culture around academic and theoretical design projects, ridicule, exclusion and struggle. We wanted to create an inclusive online interior design school that was practical rather than theory based and open to everyone with a passion for interior design.

We know that university courses aren’t for everyone so we set out to create our online interior design course that supports students to help them gain practical experience learning on the job, in a natural way, which doesn’t rely on the usual methods of graduating with a degree and then trying to find work in a design firm for years. There needed to be another way into the industry that was hands-on, viable for career changers or mature students who have many transferable skills but who don’t fit the usual “white, middle class, university educated” stereotype.

A typical interior design school will predominantly focus on design but won’t teach the fundamental skills, processes or tools required to start or run an interior design business. Their intention is to give you a broad education so that once you graduate you can find a job. That is why most graduates leave or graduate from their courses and don’t know where to start or what to do next, especially if they cannot find a job placement or work.

Our online interior design course focuses on the key things that you need as an interior designer so that you can work for yourself as a freelancer or start an interior design business. We show you how to do the work of an interior designer but also succeed by getting regular income, clients and work your way up the project scale, whilst growing your confidence and skills.

Going to university or doing long diploma courses isn’t practical or affordable for everyone. Many are starting out in this career after extended leave or changing careers later in life. The traditional methods of getting into interior design are failing them and causing discrimination within the industry. Interior design schools online have a chance to change this and make it more inclusive and fair for everyone.

Jo Chrobak

Jo Chrobak

IDBS Interior Design School Founder

What Makes Our Interior Design School Different?

Are You Afraid Of Success?

This is one question I ask all of my online interior design school students because if you do the work set out in my programs, you will succeed. There is no magic, just a step-by-step and proven process to follow.

Success comes from setting your goals and achieving them whilst also dealing with everyday problems such as; where your next client is coming from and balancing the business processes with your projects and real life.

Many of my students really want to work as an interior designer and when they get that first job, they feel too afraid to take it on! Even degree graduates often need help with a particular area in order to gain the confidence to take on their first project. It’s normal, you’re not alone and everyone needs help with something; so that is our focus in our online interior design certificate course.

You might need help with confidence, or you might need help with a specific business strategy. Whatever it is, we have the experience and can help you get to the next level of your business. I have experience running multi-level high-end, low-end, commercial, domestic, retail, simple as well as complex projects and everything in between and have managed to build a successful interior design business from the ground up!

Student Success Is Our Top Priority

Our interior design school focuses on creating a collaborative and genuine environment with our online interior design school. There is no competition between students as it is a platform for cooperative, fruitful discussion and a safe environment for you to flourish and become a successful interior designer.

A typical interior design school has courses that are academic and theory-based. We have a practical, hands-on approach to help you learn interior design, drawing, construction and technical information in an easy to understand way. How many years does it take to be an interior designer? In most cases it can take a really long time if you become an interior designer the traditional way.

Our students learn more in a shorter amount of time because we aren’t following a typical curriculum or outdated teaching methods. We are flexible, and every student gets personal help in a group environment from your experienced interior design mentor Jo Chrobak. If you would like to get a personalised plan to help you understand what is required to get into the interior design industry, consider taking our QUIZ here.

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What Students Of Our Interior Design School Are Saying

As a creative person, Interior Design is something that I have wanted to do for most of my life. There were a few things that have always held me back, the biggest thing was fear of not knowing how to run an Interior Design business and the second was fear of not being able to find clients.

I can now say with all honesty that these fears and some others that I haven’t mentioned have been completely dismissed by completing this course. I never thought that it was possible to set up a business, easily find clients and be armed with all the information I need to be a successful Interior Designer in just 90 days.

Jo has made this process simple, sharing all her knowledge and experience while being encouraging and supportive to create and live my dream. The course material and structure is easy to follow; teaching skills that are invaluable but can only otherwise be learned by working in the interior design industry for years. Jo dispelled a lot of the myths and showed me that running my own Interior Design Business is not only possible but also easy.

By the end of the course, I had my business set up, a great website for my clients, all the processes and procedures in place and most importantly Clients! But the most important thing that I received from Jo as part of this course was the confidence to be an Interior Designer, run my own business, provide specifically designed packages to my clients that were full of expertise and value; and be armed with everything I need to know to be a success.

I am so grateful that I found Jo and this course as it has changed my life; I now also have a support network of other Interior Designers that have also gone through this course with me.

Monika K Giannini

Monika K Giannini

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