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The Interior Design Business Spotlight is an interior design business blog with accurate, thorough, unbiased (unsponsored) and up-to-date information that you can trust which is relevant worldwide. It is for interior designers who work for themselves, are starting an interior design business, are just starting in the industry, or want to launch their design careers.

Our Interior Design Business Spotlights focus on interior design business problems, the difficult things that interior design schools don’t teach and the common problems that pop up in those first few years of working solo. We talk about the issues that come with change or growth and provide reliable resources you can trust at a time when you can feel isolated and alone. We are here to shine the light on and give you the answers to those pressing questions.

Each interior design business spotlight consists of a YouTube video, blog post and a cheat sheet or downloadable that helps you overcome the spotlight topic. Please join the discussion underneath each post or on YouTube under the video. We would love to hear from you and welcome your thoughts. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to write to us.

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Interior Design Business Plan

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