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Interior Design Course Reviews


Here you can find real interior design course reviews from real students of our online interior designing group mentoring program. We don’t ask students to review us as soon as they’ve joined (when everyone’s on a high and excited – which distorts the information to sound better than it is). We ask for feedback and interior design course reviews of our ONLINE INTERIOR DESIGN COURSE on completion, so that you can get a full understanding of what it’s like to go from scratch, to working as a real interior designer, no matter your past experience or location.

Our program is relevant world-wide, no matter your training, experience or background. We find the best way for you to search through the interior design course reviews is to find those people who have a similar background or location to yourself, and listen to their honest explanation of what they’ve been through.

Don’t forget to follow our designers on their social media channels so that you can get inspired and see their progress and success. Know that it’s possible for you too. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

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Georgina Riches | UK – England

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Georgie had a Professional Interior Design Diploma. Even though she offered advice to developers, friends, and family, she wondered how to take the next steps after graduating to become a real, working designer.

The content of interior design courses isn’t designed to lead you into a working career. If you want to work for yourself, you need to get information from someone successful and with experience in what you’re looking to do and answer your questions and guide you during those first scary months.

Laura Myers | USA - San Francisco

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Laura had a successful career in medical sales and believed that there were skills she had that were transferable into interiors. She loved creating vibrant, inspiring interiors but was worried about starting a new career, from scratch.

The typical degree/course path into interiors designed for school leavers isn’t right for everyone, especially for career changers who have responsibilities such as mortgages, children and bills. Our course is set up in a way that allows your past experiences to become an asset rather than a liability.

Jana Robinson | UK - England

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Jana is a UK-based interior designer who champions colour and biophilic design. She had been running her business for three years when she joined our mentorship because she wanted to build strong business foundations, find the right clients and take her interior business to the next level.

We take both experienced and novice designers into our programs because our curriculum sets a framework for learning interiors and growing a business rather than teaching the typical tick box of subjects like other schools. Every student and business is different that’s why we provide personalised help for each mentee.

Natalie Drader | Canada

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Natalie | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Natalie Drader | Canada
Kelly Ellis Interiors

Sisters Ginny and Natalie had complementary skills. Ginny was a trained interior designer, and Natalie had been working in the corporate field for over ten years. They disliked the restriction that having traditional jobs had on their lives, and they wanted to have more control over what they were doing and when.

Taking control over your own day/life/finances and having the freedom to dictate what you do and when is one of the best things about running your own interior design business. It’s one of the main reasons many of our mentees decide that working for themselves is their preference to trying to find work with an existing design firm.

Kate Horrell | UK - England

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Although Kate had no formal training, she had been involved in the complete renovation of two distinctly different large houses. She had worked closely with all the construction trades and had detailed knowledge and experience relevant to interior design. When she joined IDBS she wanted to use her existing background to start her own interiors business.

The on-site experience is the knowledge that is far superior to any formal design training, and sadly, many highly trained interior designers (and architects) never manage to gain any! Experience in the field is where your knowledge and skills become evident, that’s why our focus at IDBS is on honing those practical skills and getting you working as quickly and safely as possible.

Petra Rohregger | Italy

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Petra is a world-travelled actress from Italy who grew up in Shanghai and Singapore. Her creativity, personality and contagious energy saw her attracting high-end interior design projects, which she expertly executed without any formal training. Petra was ready to take her interiors hobby and turn it into a paid profession.

All our students have unique backgrounds, bringing culture, experiences and past careers into the mix. A standard cookie-cutter approach to teaching can never provide the flexible platform required to nurture each individual in a way that allows them to forge their unique path in the interior design world. We provide individual support in a group environment that allows you to do things your way.

Lauren Greeney | USA - Nevada

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Lauren was searching for freedom and a challenge in her professional life. She was working full-time at a start-up and had successfully built a few side businesses prior to joining IDBS. She had very little interior design experience outside of decorating her own home and event planning, but she was determined and driven to make this venture a success.

We are proud to say that at IDBS we provide a platform into the interior design industry that doesn’t follow the mainstream path. Typically students do a course, then try to get a job and work their way up the career ladder, but that path isn’t for everyone and we enjoy seeing our students thrive by gaining success their way.

Fiona Joss | UK - Scotland

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Fiona worked for twelve years as a graphic designer before taking six years off to raise her children. The only experience she had in interior design before she joined IDBS was working on her own home. She studied YouTube videos, followed design icons and visited interior design and décor shops, thinking about design on a daily basis.

Many of our mentees have a passion for interior design but are afraid that they can’t become an interior designer because they don’t have any previous training or experience. At IDBS we take your passion and help you build on any previous learning you have gained through your interest in the topic and turn that unique knowledge into your USP (Unique Selling Point).

Hannah Wright | UK - England

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Hannah had a degree in interior design and had been working in the industry for a few years. She had a dream to work for herself but knew that she needed to understand the business side of interiors beforehand as the knowledge she needed wasn’t taught at university or learned through working in an office.

The system we teach in our 90 Day Program has been proven with hundreds of students and there are no “exceptions to the rule” so it will work for you too. If you do the work as it is intended, you’ll succeed in setting up your interior design business, save years of costly mistakes and get working with your first client around about the 90 day mark.

Claire-Anne Halford | Australia - Melbourne

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Interior Design Course Reviews
Claire-Anne Halford | Australia - Melbourne
Argentic Design

Claire-Anne came to IDBS as a highly-skilled and talented interior designer who was currently doing a postgraduate masters degree. She was working in the field but hoped to work for herself as she had strong ideas about the direction she wanted to head in with her interior style and vision.

The design industry isn’t always a positive experience. Many feel let down thanks to negative experiences from other designers, trades or family/friends who don’t consider interior design a real career. At IDBS we show you that another world exists, one where it’s possible to make a successful living out of interior design.

Jenna Ridley | Switzerland

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Interior Design Course Reviews
Jenna Ridley | Switzerland
Jenna Ridley Interiors

Jenna had a successful career as a corporate tax lawyer which required over 8 years of training. When she came to IDBS her main insecurity was that she had no formal training in interior design, even though she believed that she had the skill and passion to do it.

Like many of our students, Jenna worked on unpaid projects before taking on her first paid project and then decided that she needed some guidance with things such as; how to price and manage projects, create business systems and get consistent clients.

Jane Perfect | UK - Scotland

Jane | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Jane had previously studied interior design overseas and had moved from the US to Scotland, where she was starting fresh. She was ready for a career change and wanted to finally do what her heart was calling her to do. She took the leap and followed her passion and of course… hasn’t looked back!

Almost all of our mentees are career changers who are seeking something more creative from their work-lives or have always wanted to become an interior designer but postponed their dream in their first career. Our program is perfect for those seeking to change careers later in life because we have designed the program to work around a busy lifestyle.

Alison Anderson | UK - England

Alison | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Alison had a successful PR business and had been working for herself for the past 15 years. When she joined the course she had given up all but one of her PR clients to focus on her interior design business.

Some of our most successful students are the ones who have already had a career behind them. At IDBS we cherish the previous knowledge you have (rather than dismiss it) and we pride ourselves on being able to hone your existing skills so that you can use them to your advantage in your new career as an interior designer. An experienced mentor can see in you what you can’t see in yourself just yet and help you use it to your advantage.

Pamneeta Saunders | UK - England

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Neeta loved interiors and design and had decorated every corner of her home. She was frequently asked for input on renovations by family and friends and after having children decided to follow her passion and be a role model for her children.

Mothers are constantly creating, editing and evolving spaces in their home, adding up to lots of practical work experience! Working for yourself as an interior designer is the perfect way to ease back into the workforce as you can choose your own hours, workload and projects specific to your level of experience.

Kaya Ramesh | UK - England

Kaya | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Kaya had been working on a couple of projects before signing up and wanted to turn interior design into her profession. She wanted a job that she loved and she wanted to choose the hours she worked.

If you have been trying to become an interior designer and struggling on your own, we can help take away the stress and speed up your success. We help during the toughest times when you have hundreds of questions and just need guidance in the right direction.

Amy Newtont | UK – England

Interior Design Course Reviews
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When Amy joined IDBS she considered herself hardworking and sensitive. She was looking to gain interior design knowledge, the technical side of interiors as well as the business side of things to help her transition from her current job.

Our students are often held back from starting their interior design business due to the lack of confidence and fear of the unknown. They also don’t feel they have the time to gain the required skills to transition into interiors full time. We can get you working as an interior designer (with the appropriate skills) in just 90 days.

Marian Francis | UK - England

Marian | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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When Marian joined our program, she had already been working as an interior designer. After having children, she had lost her confidence to get back into the industry, but she wanted to start her own interiors business.

Sometimes what holds us back isn’t obvious, and a typical school or business mentor doesn’t provide that human side of the puzzle needed to reach personal goals. That’s why IDBS is different, the unique mix of life coaching, with business and interiors, makes our students succeed.

Emily Andronici | Puerto Rico

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Emily | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Emily Andronici | Puerto Rico
Emily Andronici Interiors

Emily had a huge amount of “informal” interior design experience. She had owned a décor shop in the past and also had a unique set of skills from a masters in business administration to a psychology degree. She was worried that working as a designer in Puerto Rico would be difficult or limited.

Our mentees create a global community. Some question how it’s possible to get everything we offer in such a low cost and others wonder how it’s possible that we can help them from another country. That’s our specialty! We can help clarify the pieces of the industry that are confused by location or miscommunication.

Sarah Owen Hughes | UK - England

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Sarah | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Sarah Owen Hughes | UK - England
SOH Interiors

Although she considered herself creative, Sarah felt she didn’t have any official experience as an interior designer, even though she had styled her own house, had helped family and friends with projects and had styled conference seating and staging areas when she had worked in events.

It’s scary changing careers, especially with children, bills to pay and the feeling that you’re starting at the bottom again, throwing away all those years of hard work. At IDBS we work with the qualities and skills you already have. We fill in the gaps, level-out your skills and get you working with real clients, earning money as quickly and safely as possible.

Kate Cole-Burke | UK - England

Kate C | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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When Kate joined IDBS she was working as an interior flooring designer. She had experience in a few areas of the industry, such as dressing new apartments on behalf of property investors and had also renovated two homes which were cosmetic and structural redesign projects.

Kate wanted the confidence to believe in herself and the ability to charge people for her skills. She wanted to know what to charge and how to present to clients or tender for commercial projects. Everyone is different, but at IDBS we have the skills and structure to provide unique and bespoke to support, even in a group environment.

Louise Booyensi | UK - England

Louise | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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After obtaining a Law degree in South Africa, Louise moved to the UK where she obtained a Diploma in Interior Design, a Diploma in Curtains and Soft Furnishings and a foundation degree in Heritage Interior Design. She was highly qualified but still felt like she needed help with the business side of things.

Many of our students have previous careers and/or are highly educated and yet still feel they haven’t got the skills, confidence or specialist knowledge required to set up and run a successful interior design business. Most schools focus on creativity and design, whilst we focus on practical skills, experience and the business side of interior design.

Rachael Watts | UK - England

Interior Design Course Reviews
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Rachael | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Rachael Watts | UK - England
Rachael Watts Interiors

Rachael had what she considered to be “on and off” experience in the interiors world for around 20 years. She had previously attempted to start her own business but circumstances stopped her progress. She had helped friends with ideas and renovated her own projects including a grade II listed property and rental properties.

Like many of our mentees, Rachael was looking for a hands-on mentor who could help every step of the way with setting up her interior design business. She also wanted the real-life aspect of what our program offers as well as help with real-life scenarios which she didn’t get from previous courses she had undertaken.

Neha Malhotra | India

Neha | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Neha had been working as an interior designer for the majority of her career. She was very experienced and had worked on commercial and domestic projects in England and India. Her family had a successful development company in India, but Neha was ready for a change and wanted to start her own design business once relocating to London.

Even with years of experience in an industry, you probably won’t have the specific tools required to set up and run a successful interior design business that brings consistent income, clients and projects that you actually enjoy working on. At IDBS we help you to create a niche, adapting your unique skills and matching them with the perfect projects and clients.

Charlotte MacGregor | UK - England

Charlotte | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Charlotte | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Charlotte MacGregor | UK - England
New Notion Design Studio

Like many of our students, Charlotte had a successful previous career. She had a degree in fine art and had been working in the fashion industry for years. After feeling burned out she was ready for a change and wanted to work for herself, on her own terms as an interior designer.

Interior design is such a broad industry, no matter what your past career, we can use your unique experiences to your advantage to help you stand out from the crowd and attract ideal clients who are waiting for you to open for business so that they can hire you and your unique expertise.

Rebecca McCloskey | UK - England

Rebecca | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Rebecca had an established teaching career but wanted to start branching out into interiors. She had a few projects under her belt and had a few clients lined up. She wanted a course that would give her the information she needed but she didn’t want to go back to university or start at the bottom in a new career working for someone else.

Many of our students look for a step by step framework that helps them safely and securely transition into the interior design industry. IDBS students love the practical and real-life aspects of our program which speeds up their success and helps them gain greater knowledge and confidence quickly.

Riyo Ujimoto | Canada

Riyo | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Riyo | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Riyo Ujimoto | Canada
Riyo Ujimoto Interior Design

Riyo is a well-travelled Japanese interior designer living in Canada who had worked in HR and the banking industry before she decided to change careers and start her own interior design business working with Japanese and Canadian clients. She had studied the theory of interior design but needed support to get things going in her business.

We often get asked how can IDBS be relevant in so many countries, but the issues we face in business and in design are relevant worldwide. Also, our curriculum allows local nuances to be analysed/overcome when we undertake market research during the lessons. Also, Jo helps dispel myths prevalent in the design industry that are usually excuses and barriers to success.

Carrie Cotton | UK – Scotland

Carrie | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
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Carrie had formal interior design training but felt that although she had the design skills, she still lacked the business knowledge that was required to run her own successful business. Like most, she believed her degree would provide everything she needed to become an interior designer.

Degrees give you a great breadth of understanding on a topic, but when it comes to practical skills, you’ll still need to find those by getting work. At IDBS we help you to get clients whilst working on your own, real-life and paid projects.

Clare McElroy | UK - England

Clare | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Play Video about Clare | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg

Clare had a successful and established career but wanted to transition into interior design at her own pace. She wanted a fast-paced program that would give her results in a short amount of time.

At IDBS we don’t cookie-cut everyone’s journey. We know that you are unique and that you have your own dreams and goals that you want guidance with. The business coaching element of our programs speeds up your progress and provides clarity and guidance in an unknown industry.

Tanya Palme | UK - England

Tanya | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Play Video about Tanya | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Interior Design Course Reviews
Tanya Palme | UK - England
French Mink Interiors

Tanya had already been working as an interior designer, although she wanted to increase her knowledge in the industry as well as gain some additional skills to help run her business in a legal and professional way.

Even if you’ve been doing interior design for years and just want to make your business full-time or start getting regular clients, we can help. At IDBS we help you with modern day marketing, showing you how to provide e-services and helping you put systems in place to work smoothly and professionally.

Linda Rosen | UK - England

Linda | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Play Video about Linda | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg

Linda had been working in the real estate industry and had moved from Norway to London to start a new chapter. She had developed and renovated a few of her own properties and wanted to get into working in the commercial side of interior design.

At IDBS we work on real (not theoretical) design projects and help you to deal with real-life scenarios as they are happening to give you the support you need and help you grow your confidence.

Amelia Pearson | UK - England

Amelia | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Play Video about Amelia | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg

Amelia was afraid to take the leap and change into her dream career as an interior designer. She didn’t realise that she already had so many transferable skills from her previous career that would make it so much easier!

Sometimes you just need someone to help point out qualities you can’t see inside of yourself. Being a business owner brings up many insecurities that you might not have noticed before and that’s why the life-coaching element of our programs gives you confidence and support in a unique and refreshing way.

Jon Harrison | UK - England

Jon | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Play Video about Jon | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Jon - Video Interior Design Course Reviews |
Jon Harrison | UK - England
Harrisons Interiors

Jon had a background in fashion and had worked closely with visual merchandising teams to support room sets and accessorising. He was someone who enjoyed frequently redecorating his home on a budget and would have major input into the decoration, colour selection and furniture placement within his home.

Interest and passion are the driving forces to success as an interior designer (not education!) Having a creative eye can be seen as talent, but at IDBS we see someone who appears naturally talented as someone who has spent many hours gaining experience by designing in their minds/free time and gaining experience by being interested in their passion.

Baily Murphy | UK - England

Interior Design Course Reviews
Play Video about Baily | | Interior Design Course Reviews.jpg
Interior Design Course Reviews
Baily Murphy | UK - England
Baily Murphy Interiors

Baily had been working in merchandising but her heart was in interior design. She knew that she had transferable skills and didn’t need to go down the traditional route and training of becoming an interior designer.

The majority of IDBS students don’t have the time, want or need to go back to university or do a traditional interior design course. We help you start your business, earn money, grow as a designer and gain practical experience, all on real-life projects.

Written Interior Design Course Reviews


Verónica Christen | SWITZERLAND

This programme exceeded my expectations in every way. It has changed my work and personal life in a very positive way. Even if you have done an interior design school (like me) or have experience in the field, you can always brush up on some skills while building your interior design business step by step.

Through this programme, I was able to refine my marketing and clarify my brand message. Understanding my target customer from the inside out and discovering what is unique about my business has been the key to success for me.

Nothing, not one bit is left out in this program: from the basic knowledge you would expect to have as an interior designer, drawing, 3D modelling, visual communication of your ideas, rules and regulations, building business essentials, the key to being successful through to how to confidently run a project from A to Z, this and so much more is covered here.

I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learned, with great results almost immediately.

A very enjoyable course. Jo is very professional and knowledgeable in her field and has a fun, interesting and really passionate way of conveying this to her students. Both Jo and Darius are extremely helpful and put their heart and soul into this programme.
Words can not describe how amazing they both are. Talented, knowledgeable, well versed in the business, engaging, eloquent, patient (with millions of questions) and so kind. Thank you both!

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a successful interior designer.

Verónica - Online Interior Design Course -
Verónica Christen | SWITZERLAND
Verónica Christen Interior Design

Chloe Hocking | UK - England

What a journey! I cannot begin to explain how life-changing this programme is. Jo’s dedication and commitment to you every step of the way is fantastic. I have been taught knowledge and skills I never I was capable of learning.

The programme is so well thought out and covers areas I would never thing to research deeper. Not only have I come away with a fully running business but also friendship and bonds I will have forever. Everyone is such an amazing support system.

I truly feel Jo has given me the confidence to take on the world. If you want to start up your own interior design business I cannot recommend Jo and Darius enough to guide you through this experience, you will not regret it!

Fraidy Braun | USA - Los Angeles

I can not say enough good things about this course. I have taken many courses in the past on various topics and none have been this COMPLETE. I just graduated and have a business ready to go. I would never have believed it possible when I started. I feel confident in my interior design career and am raring to go!

Jo is an amazing couch and an amazing person. She cares deeply for each of her students and her experience, support and advice is priceless. This course is so thoughtfully designed, and really covers all the bases. If you are serious about realizing your dream of becoming an interior designer, sign up for IDBS, you will not regret it!

Thank you Jo and Darius!!!!

Fraidy | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Fraidy Braun | USA - Los Angeles
Milky Way Interiors

Ricardo Lopez Sanz | UK - England

I am an Interior Designer and I was an interior designer with almost 10 years of experience before I enrolled on IDBS. The difference is that now I am also an interior design business owner, and this is the KEY to this course. You can find many online interior design courses, in a wide range of prices, duration, or content; but not many are going to teach you the dark side of this industry: interior design requires a lot of admin, order, planning and personal relations skills to succeed. I am sorry to unveil this but interior design is not only about selecting a beautiful piece of furniture.

Do not expect learning about how to style a bookshelf or how to choose the perfect sofa (there are many publications and magazines for that), instead, Jo will give you all the tools to succeed as an interior design business owner. She does not lie when she says that at the end of the course you will have your own company, you will, and you will also feel confident enough to run it.

Get ready to work hard because this is not an easy course and is not self-paced. It will require you to work on it almost every day for three months but trust me, it is worth it. The course is an emotional rollercoaster: it will expose your fears, personality and doubts. But Jo will be there by your side all the time to hold your hand and support you because Jo makes this course different from any other. She has dived into her past experiences to create a product that is so personal to her (but at the same time so universal) that one complements each other. She is the ultimate reason to enrol on this course and trust me she will go the extra mile for your success.

Ricardo - Online Interior Design Course -
Ricardo Lopez Sanz | UK
Bye Magnolia

Jessica Bromander | SWITZERLAND

I am so very grateful that I came across this course. Although I read the curriculum many times over, I didn’t dare to think that the program could fulfill everything it promised. I was wrong, the course did that and much more. And I’m not easily impressed.

I had considered studying interior design for many years, being prepared to spend copious amounts, if it brought me closer to this dream , but after careful analysis, the programs I came across, failed in the most meaningful way: how to translate the topic into a service that could serve as a business. Jo’s program, however, tackled this very essential aspect.

The program covered important areas such as the design process itself, pricing, and very detailed marketing tools (and more!), Jo managed to take the mystery out of the whole thing. I looked forward to the modules and calls each week, every question was answered with so much intention, compassion and knowledge (she managed all three in each answer, written or in the call). In the midst of this journey I got to know myself too, and go deeper with my passion for interior design.

It is a journey as a group, with very supportive and inspiring classmates (+global network), but also a journey within yourself by developing the confidence needed to own a business, break some new ground, personally and professionally. I am happy I took the leap.

Thank you again, for all the support, knowledge, and seeing all of us for our potential.

Jessica | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Jessica Bromander | SWITZERLAND
Anditalu Interior Design

Chigoziem Ukachukwu | NIGERIA

Interior Design Business school (IDBS) Has helped my dream of becoming a confident interior designer become a reality.

The training offered by Jo Chrobak is the best I have seen so far in the industry, for anyone who is interested in setting up their own interior design outfit, with confidence and expertise.
I recommend this program for both experienced and inexperienced interior designers.

As long as you are committed and have the passion of setting up your own interior design outfit, Jo is there to mentor you and hold your hand through your first project.

Chigoziem - Online Interior Design Course -
Chigoziem Ukachukwu | NIGERIA
Goz UK Interiors

Fiona Joss | UK - Scotland

Hi, I’m Fiona, I have recently completed the IDBS online course which I can’t possibly recommend enough, this course is INCREDIBLE. I have been a full time mum for almost 7 years and prior to that I was a Graphic Designer, however I didn’t ever wake dreaming about my career in graphics like I do interior design. I searched the internet for courses and I did a lot of research into different ones then I came across Jo’s course thanks to a recommendation from a previous graduate who mentioned the course on Instagram. I looked into the course details and it was exactly what I was looking for: interiors and business hand in hand. This course is not for the faint hearted, it’s intense, it’s fast paced and alongside learning about interior design you learn so much about the business side of things from the very beginning. After taken 7 years out from my career I was eager to learn about how to run my business successfully and this is something Jo covers thoroughly in her course. The course has absolutely everything I was looking for and this is why I would chose it a million times over again!

Jo is the most phenomenal mentor, she is so positive and upbeat, she shares everything with you, something you won’t find on any other course. She shares her experiences, she shares her mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones and her lessons learnt over her career. I am so thankful to have been able to take part in this course, it has literally changed my life forever.

Madhuka Wijesinghe | Sri Lanka

Hi, I’m Madhuka Wijesinghe. I’m from Sri Lanka. I wanted to become an Interior Designer since my childhood and I always wanted to start my own Interior Design business. But I did not have any idea how to start, what to do, the design process, how to talk to the clients, what to tell them, marketing, branding, financing and how to start my own business.

Then I came to know about Jo’s programme. And I was very happy that I found it. At first, I was a little bit reluctant to follow the course because our culture in Sri Lanka is different from other countries. So, I went through all Jo’s blog posts and I printed them and read them over and over again several times and the contents of the course before joining the course. After that I was so confident about Jo’s course. The course contents are relevant to any part of the world. She gives so much knowledge, information and the documents to start our own Interior Design Business within 90 days. You don’t have to study for years to start your own business if you follow Jo’s course.

She is always there to help you and she goes out of the way to help each and everybody in the course. After following the course I’m very much confident to start my own interior design business. When I started the course, I did not know anything about the design process, marketing and the practical aspects of the Interior Design Business but now I am very much confident about the Interior design Business. To me she is the best mentor in Interior Design. Not only knowledge she gives she nourishes our minds in a positive way. She encourages us. So I ask you to join the course and become one of the successful Interior Designers in the world.

Kate Parslow | UK - England

I had already started to take on a few interior design clients, but with no formal training I felt I needed to do a course alongside to improve my skills and give me more confidence.

I spent quite a long time researching different courses and was almost at the point of sending off payment for a different, more traditional interiors course. Quite by chance I came across the website of one of Jo’s previous students who mentioned the IDBS course and that was that…

I knew instantly that this was the course for me and signed up almost immediately. Fast forward a few months, having just graduated, and I can honestly say it has been one of the most amazing, excited, challenging and rewarding things I have ever done.

I now have two new clients – one of them a commercial project and have a clear vision for my new business and where I am headed as an interior designer.

Jo pushes you further than you would ever think possible, always with kindness and empathy for all the many different personalities on the course. And her structured and practical approach gives you a strong and sturdy foundation from which to build your business.

I now have the confidence and self-belief to call myself an interior designer and can’t wait to get stuck into my exciting new career.

Monika K Giannini | Australia

As a creative person, Interior Design is something that I have wanted to do for most of my life. There were a few things that have always held me back, the biggest thing was fear of not knowing how to run an Interior Design business and the second was fear of not being able to find clients.

I can now say with all honesty that these fears and some others that I haven’t mentioned have been completely dismissed by completing this course. I never thought that it was possible to set up a business, easily find clients and be armed with all the information I need to be a successful Interior Designer in just 90 days.

Jo has made this process simple, sharing all her knowledge and experience while being encouraging and supportive to create and live my dream. The course material and structure is easy to follow; teaching skills that are invaluable but can only otherwise be learned by working in the interior design industry for years. Jo dispelled a lot of the myths and showed me that running my own Interior Design Business is not only possible but also easy.

By the end of the course, I had my business set up, a great website for my clients, all the processes and procedures in place and most importantly Clients! But the most important thing that I received from Jo as part of this course was the confidence to be an Interior Designer, run my own business, provide specifically designed packages to my clients that were full of expertise and value; and be armed with everything I need to know to be a success.

I am so grateful that I found Jo and this course as it has changed my life; I now also have a support network of other Interior Designers that have also gone through this course with me.

Karly Hughes | UK - England

I have always loved interior design and decorating my bedroom every other year when I lived at home, but my passion was really sparked when I bought my own flat and had free reign to design and style an entire space. I started putting pictures of my work in Instagram and gained quite a large following, which helped me with my confidence that I was actually good at design and not just super house proud!

Since starting the course I have had 5 paying clients, from just providing inspiration for one room, through to a full 4 bedroom house redesign. I literally could not have imagined just 90 days ago that this would be my life and I would be making money from something I love so much.

My confidence has grown, it’s still a work in progress but I feel more confident. I notice this most when talking to clients and I hear the technical knowledge that comes out of my mouth without even realising it, and I realise how much of the course learning has actually sunk in.

I was expecting to get interior design knowledge but this has far exceeded that and the business aspect of it was so vital and so important. The results that I have had such as having paying clients also far exceeded what I expected as I really didn’t expect to have clients already.

This is a fantastic course and as long as we put the work in, it’s guaranteed that the students will have successful careers.

Carrie Cotton | UK - Scotland

Jo Chrobak has created a course that teaches exactly what is needed to set up and run a successful interior design business…not only the day-to-day logistics but also the confidence to go out on your own.

She has this unique ability to help you dig deep and find your own strengths. Everyone from my course is heading out into interior design but in a slightly different way because we have all been able to tailor the course to our individual needs.

We couldn’t have done this without Jo’s coaching and encouragement along the way. If you are ready to make this change in your life, Jo and the Interior Design Business School will get you there…no doubt.

Kaya Ramesh | UK - England

I cannot tell you enough how instrumental this course has been to get my business off the ground. So many questions kept me up at night and Jo’s course not only answered them but also built my confidence.

I now have big plans for my business and that is thanks to IDBS. I have been equipped with the right knowledge, tools, skills and confidence to achieve high. Jo doesn’t only teach you. She mentors you, coaches you, pushes you, encourages you and cheers you on.

She makes you promise to keep going because that is when the magic happens and it really does. I am wrapping up my course in a few days and I have already gained so much including clients and lots of enquiry. She also creates a community among like-minded people who are all on the same journey. It’s hard to find this elsewhere. If you are thinking of making a living by designing interiors, this course is for you!

Amy Newton | UK - England

I cannot recommend this wonderful course enough. I have learnt so much in just 4 months with Jo, much more than I could ever have imagined. her skills in coaching are second to none and the course is an excellent balance between the skills and concepts of interior design and how to successfully run your own business. She has created a unique and personal programme that really puts the student at the heart of the course.

Thank you so much Jo and wonderful technical director, Darius.

Emily Andronici | Puerto Rico

The amount of information and knowledge you gain in Jo’s program is truly remarkable. It is so thorough and detailed and provides you with all the tools you need to start your own design business. It really is everything you need to make your dream a reality. I am so grateful I found Jo and her program. It absolutely changed my life.

Emily | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Emily Andronici | Puerto Rico
Emily Andronici Interiors

Shradha Shrestha | UK - England

This course has been a life changing journey for me. From a full-time mum of two wonderful kids to an interior designer/businesswomen, the course and the most amazing mentor Jo Chrobak has guided me throughout the whole process in becoming who I am today. Yes, it a very fast paced course where at times it tests your endurance and resilience. But with a mentor like Jo, she will guide and encourage you – help you build up your confidence and support you to bring your dream to fruition.

Today I graduate along with all the other amazing group of colleagues from this course who never make you feel like you are alone in the journey. Thank you IDBS Online and Jo Chrobak for creating such a great course that guides you through the journey of becoming an Interior Designer and set up your own business at the same time – be your own boss! And like she promised, you do get to work with your real clients at the end of the course. I am so glad I joined this course and found my true self, there’s no looking back for me now. If you are contemplating on whether to join this course or not, I would strongly advise you to think no further and just do it. It is all worth it in the end!!

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Darius for all his support throughout the course work.

Lastly, thank you again Jo and IDBS, GHAR by Shradha Shrestha is an outcome of your course and support.

Rebecca McCloskey | UK - England

It’s actually pretty tricky to eloquently put into words how much this course gives you. I was searching for a while for the right course for me and I definitely found it with IDBS and Jo Chrobak.

As someone with no knowledge of how to run a business, this unique course was perfect for me, it is an incredible mix of interior design know-how and the systems to put in place to make your business a success. With her coaching skills, Jo is an excellent mentor, who supports and pushes you in equal measure to achieve more than you feel is possible. I had reservations about an online course, but through the thoughtful way this course is put together, you make amazing connections with the other students.

I would, without hesitation, recommend this course to anyone who is serious about starting their own interior design business. With the continued access to the course material, I know that I am going to continue to benefit from this course for years to come.

Thank you so much Jo and Darius!

Rachael Watts | UK - England

If you are considering an online interior design course this is the one you should do.

Having done previous online courses I can honestly say the IDBS is simply a cut above the rest.

You are coached by Jo who is always available online to answer questions and guide you on your journey to becoming a self employed interior designer. Legal templates, marketing, design plans, how to deal with clients and what to charge are just a few of the nitty gritty subjects that are covered. A weekly video call with the other mentees is another reason this course is so unique. Jo has an amazing way of guiding you to become the interior designer you want to be.

I would without a doubt recommend this course to anyone, whatever stage they happen to be at in their lives or career.

Rachael | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Rachael Watts | UK - England
Rachael Watts Interiors

Emma Randall | UK - England

I am graduating from the Online Interior Design Business School this weekend and the support we all receive is second to none. There are no industry secrets being kept from you, just years and years of expert knowledge waiting for you to soak up! I can’t tell you how much I have loved this course and the people on it.

I came from a background with no experience of working in the interior design world, just a true love for it, and I now feel I have what it takes to go and make my dream a reality.

Jo and Darius are some of the nicest people you will EVER meet, they genuinely care and love to watch their students succeed and will do everything they can to make it happen.

So if you’re wanting to start your own business doing what you love, don’t think twice about choosing IDBS, it truly is the best. I will miss it, but I’ve made some awesome friends along the way.

Emma | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Emma Randall | UK - England
Innerly Interiors

Sarah Owen Hughes | UK - England

I would highly recommend the IDBS course run by Jo and Darius. Having found Jo’s course by chance online, I can’t count my lucky stars enough that I found her! The course not only teaches you the practical Interior Design knowledge, it also teaches you how to set up your own business successfully, with all the tools you need. Jo really encourages you to play to your strengths, and uses her coaching skills to really help you gain the confidence to go out and succeed no matter your previous career background.

I wasn’t sure how it would work with all the learning and calls done online, but I had nothing to worry about, the online portal is so easy to follow and the content in it is invaluable. Plus, the weekly calls you have with a group of talented ladies, gives you such a great support network, even after the course has finished.

I have no regrets in doing the IDBS program, and I would urge you to consider doing this course too!

Thank you Jo and Darius for allowing me to learn, help build my business and giving me the support I needed in order to go out into the world as an Interior Designer and allowing me to start living my dream career!

Sarah | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Sarah Owen Hughes | UK - England
SOH Interiors

Louise Booyensi | UK - England

If you are thinking about signing up for Jo Chrobak’s mentorship course, don’t think about it any more. Just do it! Jo’s IDBS course provided me with absolutely everything I needed to set up and run a professional interior design business. And all in just three months! It truly is unbelievable. When I signed up for this course, I was hoping to gain some practical knowledge about how to go about setting up my own interior design business and Jo provided me with all the tools as well as the confidence I needed to start out on my own. Jo was always supportive, always had all the answers and without her belief in me, I probably wouldn’t have come this far! This truly was a life changing experience for me. Thank you Jo, Darius and IDBS!

Pranamee Nathi | India

I had just completed my MSc in sustainable building. I have an undergraduate degree in architecture and some years of work experience. I was always interested in interior design but didn’t know where and how to start. I had the knowledge in architecture, but both the industry has differences. I wanted some kind of help to start as an interior designer. Also I didn’t like 9-5 jobs that much and wished to open my own business. But working with clients independently and single handedly was a bit scary.

I came across this online course in interior design which promised to make you work as an interior designer with a real client in 3months. So I jumped into it. The time period was perfect. Today I am very grateful that I joined it. It was the perfect course for me. Its been three months and I am happily working with an international client on an extension and renovation project.

This course is unique. It doesn’t teach you the age-old syllabus of designing. It is a mentorship. It is like someone is holding your hand and guiding you through the steps to become an interior designer with her own real experience. This course tells you all the important tactics you will find nowhere else. And that is what you need to know. Also you can ask your own questions which will never go unanswered. Its taught in a group, so besides the mentor you have friends who are walking the same path as you. You get feedback for your work in an open to all social stream and forum, which is very motivating. You don’t feel lonely at all in the whole course. All in all, it’s a wonderful course and I will always recommend it to anyone aspiring to be an interior designer.

Pranamee | Interior Design Course Reviews|
Pranamee Nathi | India
Pranamee Designs