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Online Interior Design Course

“This course teaches everything that other courses don’t. It’s exactly what you need to become a working interior designer”
Enrolment Is Now Open | New Mentorship Group Starts In September 2024

Start & Grow Your Own Interior Design Business

Our online interior design course is a mentorship program providing step-by-step training and tools to become an interior designer working for yourself on projects as quickly and safely as possible. It’s relevant in the UK, USA, Australia and worldwide.
If you want to change careers into interiors by working for yourself, this program is for you. We designed our online interior design course to be flexible to work around a full-time job and motivating to make it easy for you to show up and succeed!

Start Working As An Interior Designer

It is not an academic course that makes you read through PDFs and write essays – we provide a hands-on approach and teach what interior designers do daily, alongside the day-to-day running of an interior design business. Everything we do is interactive, practical, real-life and fun.

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Online Interior Design Course
For New & Seasoned Designers

Our interior design school is dedicated to teaching you the professional, real-life skills required of a working interior designer and business owner

We’ll show you everything you need to know to start working as an interior designer, whilst building your design business, step by step. We’ll then show you how to get clients and a sustained income and help you grow your confidence by working on your first paid project!

Our online interior design mentorship program helps you create and set up an interior design business by showing you how to gain projects and a sustained income, by working up the project scale to help you grow your confidence. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting paid to do what you love and choosing your own hours, working for yourself as an interior designer.

We combine real-life and workplace knowledge which is more practical rather than academic, then help you build your business step by step whilst making your dream of becoming an interior designer come true.

New Interior Designers

  • Get your foot in the interiors industry.
  • Change careers into interior design.
  • Learn all the necessary skills to become a practising interior designer.
  • Start earning money working for yourself as a designer without a portfolio or working for free for someone else to gain experience.

Seasoned Interior Designers

  • The tools, templates and guidance you've needed but haven't been able to find.
  • Grow your interior design business.
  • Solve all of those niggling issues in your interior design business.
  • Create a passive income, and expand your knowledge into architecture, detailing or bespoke furniture design.

Online Interior Design Course Relevant Worldwide

Fast Track Your Success

We supply business, legal, marketing, pricing & drawing templates that take YEARS to create from scratch, speeding up your business set-up phase to days

Personalised Help

Online learning can be lonely! So we made it interactive and now you’ll never feel alone. You also get personalised support as part of the group and learn together

Weekly Calls

We work together to reach weekly milestones and hold a live call on Saturdays for workshops, to answer questions & work through any issues.

Support Forum

We go the extra mile to provide extensive, accurate and useful answers on our forum and social stream. We are there to give you feedback when you need it

Build A Lifetime Network

You’ve been working for yourself but now you see there are things missing. You want to get the business side of things working smoothly and professionally

Seasoned Designers

Working solo can be lonely so we made our online interior design course social. It’s something most students don’t realise how much they will LOVE
Enrolment Is Now Open | New Mentorship Group Starts In September 2024

"We Need A New Path Into Interiors Fit For This Century"

The current path into interiors is designed for school students and hobbyists but misses the mark on the majority of designers who work solo, are self-taught or who become designers later in life. At IDBS, we are on a mission to provide high-level, quality education for interior designers who want to work for themselves providing interiors and skills training as well as business coaching.
  • Our online interior design course focuses on the key things that you need as an interior designer so that you can work for yourself as a freelancer or start an interior design business.
  • We show you how to do the work of an interior designer but also succeed by getting regular income, clients and work your way up the project scale, whilst growing your confidence and skills.
  • Going to university or doing long diploma courses isn’t practical or affordable for everyone, we provide a hands-on approach that is relevant to the day-to-day life of a professional interior designer.
  • Many start out in this career after extended leave or changing careers later in life and the traditional methods of getting into interiors are failing and causing discrimination amongst designers.


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An Online Mentorship Program With Weekly Live Calls & Real Support

This online interior design course goes beyond standard teaching. It is the mixture of coaching, construction knowledge and business mentorship that gives you the unique edge over others in the industry.

In this interior design course, we teach you everything you need to know to set up and run your own interior design business but we also show you how to get regular clients and consistent income to support your business and career.

Our course is different in that we created it to work around your busy lifestyle. This is not an academic online interior design course, it is a practical program that is drip-fed each week while you take action to set up your business, learn the skills, then work on a real-life project with us by your side, on hand to answer all your questions and guide you so you never feel lost.

Jo Chrobak | interior Design School | Interior Designer's Business School
Jo Chrobak
IDBS Interior Design School Founder & Online Interior Design Course Author

What To Expect From Our Online Interior Design Course

As soon as you sign up you’ll gain access to our business templates and resources. You’ll see all our past students and we able to read all our previous forum and social stream posts which should answer so many of your questions that you are currently having about running your business. You will also be asked to fill out our welcome questionnaire so that we can get to know you and your specific circumstances personally.

The earlier you join the more prepared you can be for our start date, but some people have successfully joined a little later without consequences. The main online interior design course is spread across 12 modules and is released weekly. On Saturday’s we have a call together as a group for a workshop and questions relating to that week’s topic.

As you work through the modules you’ll use the business, email, marketing and drawing templates and workflows to help speed up your progress so that you don’t have to spend years working these things out for yourself!

Here is just a snippet of what we provide (in addition to the main course content, built-in private social stream, support forum and weekly coaching calls):

  • Lifetime access to ever growing content, templates and updates on the platform
  • 6 months complementary access to our graduate program (including coaching calls & workshops to support you post-graduation)
  • Graduates who gain top marks will receive our trade mark title Online Design Expert TM
  • Business & marketing workflows to make your work easier and more professional
  • Project pricing templates and more to fast track your daily processes
  • Legal document templates and contracts to ensure compliance
  • Business templates
  • Interior design specific templates
  • CAD blocks and templates
  • Ever growing (worldwide) suppliers list
  • Trade and student discounts

This Online Interior Design Course Is For You If:

You Don’t Know Where To Start

You have this underlying passion for interior design or have wanted to do this for years but don’t know where to start.

I’ll show you not only how to be a great interior designer, but also how to set up and run your own business (even as a freelancer), get clients and create a brand that you are proud of. I’ll give you the tools that take years to accumulate in traditional offices and fast-track your success by sharing all of my secrets, links, experience and industry know how.

You Want Someone To Call On

You have tried on your own but want a network and someone with experience to call on and ask questions.

When you feel stuck and don’t know what to do you have a support network from day one and when you feel like things aren’t working out you have help and support all the way. As an experienced mentor who currently works in the industry, Jo can help you get clients (without a portfolio, years of experience or a list of contacts).

You Want Experience

You want to go freelance, set up your own interior design business or get experience to work for someone else.

We will show you how to get clients and help you find your first project so that you can gain real experience and build a real portfolio. Your final project is a real project rather than a theoretical one and we actually help you with real-life problems that arise from that project. We will be there, just when you need us!

You Have Life Experience

You have been working in another industry or have another career but don’t want to go back to uni or study every evening and weekend for years.

You don’t have to work for low wages or long hours as an assistant to “learn the ropes” and you don’t have to go to university or study every evening and weekend for years to gain the knowledge and experience required to work in this industry. We help you to transfer your current skills and then fill in the knowledge gaps so that you don’t have to start your career again from scratch.

You Are Ready

You are fed up with your current job or situation and want to finally take a stand for your dream.

There is nothing theoretical about this online interior design course. You need to be motivated, driven and cannot give up easily when it comes to your dream. We will push you every step of the way to make sure that you don’t give up on yourself. If you are ready and want to start working as an interior designer, this is the program for you.

Or ... You Have Already Tried

You have already studied interior design with a formal institution but haven’t been able to find work.

You found that once you finished studying interior design everyone told you that you needed experience in order to get hired and frustratingly you couldn’t get the required experience without getting hired so have had to find work in another industry whilst waiting for your dream job.

You Want Freedom

You want the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and the hours you choose.

Whether you are a mum who wants the flexibility to work around her children or you are a millennial who wants the laptop lifestyle. You can set up your business in a way that can give you the freedom to run your interior design business with maximum flexibility with nothing more than internet access and a laptop. You don’t have to run your business in this way, (don’t worry we teach multiple ways), but isn’t it nice to know that it is possible, just in case you decide you want to?



Verónica Christen | SWITZERLAND

This programme exceeded my expectations in every way. It has changed my work and personal life in a very positive way. Even if you have done an interior design school (like me) or have experience in the field, you can always brush up on some skills while building your interior design business step by step.

Through this programme, I was able to refine my marketing and clarify my brand message. Understanding my target customer from the inside out and discovering what is unique about my business has been the key to success for me.

Nothing, not one bit is left out in this program: from the basic knowledge you would expect to have as an interior designer, drawing, 3D modelling, visual communication of your ideas, rules and regulations, building business essentials, the key to being successful through to how to confidently run a project from A to Z, this and so much more is covered here.

I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learned, with great results almost immediately.

A very enjoyable online interior design course. Jo is very professional and knowledgeable in her field and has a fun, interesting and really passionate way of conveying this to her students. Both Jo and Darius are extremely helpful and put their heart and soul into this programme.
Words can not describe how amazing they both are. Talented, knowledgeable, well versed in the business, engaging, eloquent, patient (with millions of questions) and so kind. Thank you both!

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a successful interior designer.

Verónica - Online Interior Design Course -
Verónica Christen | SWITZERLAND
Verónica Christen Interior Design

Chigoziem Ukachukwu | NIGERIA

Interior Design Business school (IDBS) Has helped my dream of becoming a confident interior designer become a reality.

The training offered by Jo Chrobak is the best I have seen so far in the industry, for anyone who is interested in setting up their own interior design outfit, with confidence and expertise.
I recommend this program for both experienced and inexperienced interior designers.

As long as you are committed and have the passion of setting up your own interior design outfit, Jo is there to mentor you and hold your hand through your first project.

Chigoziem - Online Interior Design Course -
Chigoziem Ukachukwu | NIGERIA
Goz UK Interiors

Ricardo Lopez Sanz | UK - England

I am an Interior Designer and I was an interior designer with almost 10 years of experience before I enrolled on IDBS. The difference is that now I am also an interior design business owner, and this is the KEY to this course. You can find many online interior design courses, in a wide range of prices, duration, or content; but not many are going to teach you the dark side of this industry: interior design requires a lot of admin, order, planning and personal relations skills to succeed. I am sorry to unveil this but interior design is not only about selecting a beautiful piece of furniture.

Do not expect learning about how to style a bookshelf or how to choose the perfect sofa (there are many publications and magazines for that), instead, Jo will give you all the tools to succeed as an interior design business owner. She does not lie when she says that at the end of the course you will have your own company, you will, and you will also feel confident enough to run it.

Get ready to work hard because this is not an easy course and is not self-paced. It will require you to work on it almost every day for three months but trust me, it is worth it. The course is an emotional rollercoaster: it will expose your fears, personality and doubts. But Jo will be there by your side all the time to hold your hand and support you because Jo makes this course different from any other. She has dived into her past experiences to create a product that is so personal to her (but at the same time so universal) that one complements each other. She is the ultimate reason to enrol on this course and trust me she will go the extra mile for your success.

Ricardo - Online Interior Design Course -
Ricardo Lopez Sanz | UK - England
Bye Magnolia

Norma Jimenez | USA - Florida

After researching several mentors in the business, and there are some really good ones, I chose Jo Chrobak of Interior Designer’s Business School (IDBS). In my opinion IDBS is the best course out there, and Jo Chrobak is second to none. She is an amazing mentor who firmly, but kindly pushed me and my fellow students past our comfort zone to achieve so much more than we would have on our own.

The IDBS online interior design course is amazing, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that would have taken me years to learn on my own, most likely with a bunch of bumps and bruises to go with it. The IDBS course teaches you everything that you need to know to grow a successful Interior Design Business, even if your only experience in design is self-taught.

Jo Chrobak together with her husband Darius make a powerful team who are with you through every step of the IDBS course. No question goes unanswered. They also create a support network of fellow students that you get to know so that you never feel alone on this journey. The course is intense, and it is life changing. I can not thank Jo & Darius enough for all that they have taught me. They have changed my life in just a few short months in such a dramatic way. I can happily say that I am an Interior Designer who owns my own business. If you are on the fence about taking the course, do it. You will be happy you did!

Norma - Online Interior Design Course -
Norma Jimenez | USA - Florida

Shradha Shrestha | UK - England

This online interior design course has been a life changing journey for me. From a full-time mum of two wonderful kids to an interior designer/businesswomen, the course and the most amazing mentor Jo Chrobak has guided me throughout the whole process in becoming who I am today. Yes, it a very fast paced course where at times it tests your endurance and resilience. But with a mentor like Jo, she will guide and encourage you – help you build up your confidence and support you to bring your dream to fruition.

Today I graduate along with all the other amazing group of colleagues from this course who never make you feel like you are alone in the journey. Thank you IDBS Online and Jo Chrobak for creating such a great course that guides you through the journey of becoming an Interior Designer and set up your own business at the same time – be your own boss! And like she promised, you do get to work with your real clients at the end of the course. I am so glad I joined this course and found my true self, there’s no looking back for me now. If you are contemplating on whether to join this course or not, I would strongly advise you to think no further and just do it. It is all worth it in the end!!

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Darius for all his support throughout the course work.

Lastly, thank you again Jo and IDBS, GHAR by Shradha Shrestha is an outcome of your course and support.

Shradha - Online Interior Design Course -
Shradha Shrestha | UK - England

Karly Hughes | UK - England

I have always loved interior design and decorating my bedroom every other year when I lived at home, but my passion was really sparked when I bought my own flat and had free reign to design and style an entire space. I started putting pictures of my work in Instagram and gained quite a large following, which helped me with my confidence that I was actually good at design and not just super house proud!

Since starting the course I have had 5 paying clients, from just providing inspiration for one room, through to a full 4 bedroom house redesign. I literally could not have imagined just 90 days ago that this would be my life and I would be making money from something I love so much.

My confidence has grown, it’s still a work in progress but I feel more confident. I notice this most when talking to clients and I hear the technical knowledge that comes out of my mouth without even realising it, and I realise how much of the course learning has actually sunk in.

I was expecting to get interior design knowledge but this has far exceeded that and the business aspect of it was so vital and so important. The results that I have had such as having paying clients also far exceeded what I expected as I really didn’t expect to have clients already.

This is a fantastic course and as long as we put the work in, it’s guaranteed that the students will have successful careers.

Karly Hughes | UK - England

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Course Reviews


Georgina Riches | UK – England

Georgie had a Professional Interior Design Diploma. Even though she offered advice to developers, friends, and family, she wondered how to take the next steps after graduating to become a real, working designer.

The content of interior design courses isn’t designed to lead you into a working career. If you want to work for yourself, you need to get information from someone successful and with experience in what you’re looking to do and answer your questions and guide you during those first scary months.

Georgina - Online Interior Design Course -
Georgina Riches | UK – England

Laura Myers | USA - San Francisco

Laura had a successful career in medical sales and believed that there were skills she had that were transferable into interiors. She loved creating vibrant, inspiring interiors but was worried about starting a new career, from scratch.

The typical degree/course path into interiors designed for school leavers isn’t right for everyone, especially for career changers who have responsibilities such as mortgages, children and bills. Our course is set up in a way that allows your past experiences to become an asset rather than a liability.

Laura - Online Interior Design Course - l
Laura Myers | USA - San Francisco

Jane Perfect | UK - Scotland

Jane had previously studied interior design overseas and had moved from the US to Scotland, where she was starting fresh. She was ready for a career change and wanted to finally do what her heart was calling her to do. She took the leap and followed her passion and of course… hasn’t looked back!

Almost all of our mentees are career changers who are seeking something more creative from their work-lives or have always wanted to become an interior designer but postponed their dream in their first career. Our online interior design course is perfect for those seeking to change careers later in life because we have designed the program to work around a busy lifestyle.

Jane Perfect | UK - Scotland

Alison Anderson | UK - England

Alison had a successful PR business and had been working for herself for the past 15 years. When she joined the course she had given up all but one of her PR clients to focus on her interior design business.

Some of our most successful students are the ones who have already had a career behind them. At IDBS we cherish the previous knowledge you have (rather than dismiss it) and we pride ourselves on being able to hone your existing skills so that you can use them to your advantage in your new career as an interior designer. An experienced mentor can see in you what you can’t see in yourself just yet and help you use it to your advantage.

Alison - Online Interior Design Course -
Alison Anderson | UK - England

Claire-Anne Halford | Australia - Melbourne

Claire-Anne came to IDBS as a highly-skilled and talented interior designer who was currently doing a postgraduate masters degree. She was working in the field but hoped to work for herself as she had strong ideas about the direction she wanted to head in with her interior style and vision.

The design industry isn’t always a positive experience. Many feel let down thanks to negative experiences from other designers, trades or family/friends who don’t consider interior design a real career. At IDBS we show you that another world exists, one where it’s possible to make a successful living out of interior design.

Claire-Anne Halford | Australia - Melbourne

Argentic Design

Amy Newtont | UK – England

When Amy joined IDBS she considered herself hardworking and sensitive. She was looking to gain interior design knowledge, the technical side of interiors as well as the business side of things to help her transition from her current job.

Our students are often held back from starting their interior design business due to the lack of confidence and fear of the unknown. They also don’t feel they have the time to gain the required skills to transition into interiors full time. We can get you working as an interior designer (with the appropriate skills) in just 90 days.

Amy - Online Interior Design Course -
Amy Newtont | UK – England

Kaya Ramesh | UK - England

Kaya had been working on a couple of projects before signing up and wanted to turn interior design into her profession. She wanted a job that she loved and she wanted to choose the hours she worked.

If you have been trying to become an interior designer and struggling on your own, we can help take away the stress and speed up your success. We help during the toughest times when you have hundreds of questions and just need guidance in the right direction.

Kaya - Online Interior Design Course -
Kaya Ramesh | UK - England

Carrie Cotton | UK – Scotland

Carrie had formal interior design training but felt that although she had the design skills, she still lacked the business knowledge that was required to run her own successful business. Like most, she believed her degree would provide everything she needed to become an interior designer.

Degrees give you a great breadth of understanding on a topic, but when it comes to practical skills, you’ll still need to find those by getting work. At IDBS we help you to get clients whilst working on your own, real-life and paid projects.

Carrie - Online Interior Design Course -
Carrie Cotton | UK – Scotland
Enrolment Is Now Open | New Mentorship Group Starts In September 2024

Course Timetable


Official Start & Release Of Preparation Module


As soon as you sign up, you gain access to the private IDBS social hub, the forum (with hundreds of topics to read through) and THE STARTER PACK. You also have direct access to some real work examples, a toolbox of templates and a Q&A Section that deals with some common problems. You will be required to read a book from the reading list.

STARTER PACK - The starter pack describes the stationery requirements and book list. You are also asked to fill out your welcome questionnaire which helps us profile you as a student so that we can ensure you receive personalised and specific help throughout the program.

Your preparation module (released on the official start date) helps you to get ready for this program especially if you haven’t studied for a while or have never previously undertaken a formal course.

This module gives you a week to get your stationery items organised whilst also:

  • Get organised.
  • Look at ways where you can rearrange your current life to make room for your new career.
  • Think about what you really want to get out of this program.
  • Slowly lead into the program and get used to working on your business every day.

Business, Structures, Branding, Websites & Legal Matters


This is when we have our first welcome call and you will be able to introduce yourself to the other students (although chances are you would have already met on the social stream!) After the call, your first module will be released. The aim of this module is to put in place the basic business foundations required to be trading legally as an interior designer.

Before taking on your first clients, you’ll need to design a simple website and start developing your brand and professional image. Every module also has a small marketing section, which gets you used to undertaking daily marketing tasks in your business.

This module focuses on student’s learning about and then putting in place the following items:

  • The business structures required to be accepting money from clients.
  • The legal structures required to provide a safe service for both you and your clients.
  • Creating contact information required as a business or freelancer so that you can be found by potential clients.
  • Creating a brand that highlights how you stand apart from the competition.
  • An introduction to and learning how to market your services.
  • Free alternatives for a low or minimum cost set-up.

Interior Design | Everything You Need To Know To Be A Success


This is when we hold our call related to the previous module and you will have a chance to ask your questions about the previous module live on the call (don’t forget that throughout the week, you have constant help on the social stream and forum, so the calls give you yet another chance to have certain things explained and help you with your individual needs). After the call, the new module will be released.

Each designer/student is different and starts the program with a different perspective, transferable skills and varying amounts of experience. We don’t force styles onto you. We help you to develop your own unique sense of style through these carefully designed lessons.

The aim of this module is to raise the minimum standard of expertise to give students the basic knowledge they would be expected to have as an interior designer in relation to:

  • The history & profession of interior design.
  • Interior design styles and how to use them appropriately.
  • Spatial design.
  • Design tools, rules & theory.
  • Colour, light & texture.
  • How to design.

Drawing & 3D Modeling


This is a revolutionary module because most people have resistance to learning CAD and technical drawing, yet we make it fun and easy to understand. This module will be released after your regular support call.

Understanding scale, perceiving space, measuring spaces and drawing to scale are basic skills required by an interior designer to truly succeed. Having the skills to present information in 3D and in a low-cost and effective way is useful for clients and increases the standard of service you can provide.

The aim of this module is to give students the skills they need to:

  • Measure and draw up survey information.
  • Use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software that is relevant to interior design.
  • Get the interior design related tools and templates that will fast track their ability to provide excellent drawings in a professional way.
  • Draw room layouts and present furniture and room layouts to scale.
  • Present ideas in 2D & 3D.
  • Use scale rulers & prepare scale drawings.
  • Get personalised help so that student’s learning timeline is compressed.


3D Drawing Week


This is an extra week strategically positioned for those of you who want to learn 3D CAD. For our advanced mentees who already know how to draw proficiently this is a time to focus on uplevelling in areas requried to work with your client niche (we discuss what is best suited – for some it might be photographic rendering skills and for others it might be refining your services).

Catch-Up Week


Because we want to make it easy for our students to succeed, we added catch-up weeks into the curriculum. That means if a student needs extra time to complete something, they have a chance to catch up.

Throughout the program, we add catch-up weeks in strategic places to help give you extra time to finish and complete all the tasks to date. Life sometimes gets in the way, and this gives you the opportunity to take time off if you need it, do some extra study or catch up.

There is no call during the catch-up week (although you still have full support on the forum and social stream!)

Presentations & Visual Communication


Having the skills to express and communicate ideas visually at each stage of a project is something required of interior designers for any scale of a project from commercial to domestic or high-end to low-cost.

The aim of this module is to introduce you to the types of drawings and presentations required to communicate effectively whilst also teaching you some effective methods of communication using software and documentation methods. This module will be released after our support call.

This module gives students the basic knowledge they would be expected to have so that they can:

  • Learn how interior designers traditionally present their work.
  • Learn new and contemporary ways of presenting information.
  • Visually communicate and present ideas to clients.
  • Learn how to use programs and software to present work professionally.
  • Communicate and present information to builders and other consultants.
  • Learn basic drawing and detailing methods.
  • Understand the level of information required to complete a project.
  • Learn the skills required to present digital presentations.

Just Enough Construction, Detailing, Joinery & Decorating Knowledge


This is something unique to this program. My background in architecture will give you an edge and help you communicate ideas clearly with other professionals. This module gives you confidence and grows your knowledge to that beyond typical interior design courses. This is where you will really feel like you know what you are talking about.

Understanding basic construction of how things work and go together will help you to make better decisions and ultimately become a better designer. Often this is the first time students consider how important it is to have this knowledge before taking on a project and elevates our designer’s knowledge to that of a professional. This module will be released after your support call.

The aim of this module is to give students the skills they need to:

  • Understand basic construction so that they make better decisions as an interior designer.
  • Understand drawing symbols and what they mean.
  • Learn how to create production information for joinery, furniture, and soft furnishings.
  • Learn about lighting and electrical drawings/designs.
  • Create lighting and electrical layouts.
  • Understand international and local building regulation laws and how to adhere to them.
  • Specify materials, fabrics, and finishes legally and for the right purpose.


Systems, Filing & How To Run A Project


This module really starts to fill in the gaps and tie things together. Suddenly, at this point, everything will start to make sense, and you’ll feel like you are prepared to take on your first project.

Learning how a project is run from start to finish is inherent to everything an interior designer does, but also what allows you to run that project confidently, professionally and in an organised manner, is having the right systems and filing in place.

That is why this module focuses on more than just how to run a project, but also how to organise yourself in your office to run the project professionally. As usual, we will release this module after your support call.

The aim of this module is to give students the basic knowledge so that they can:

  • Understand how to run different types of projects, from commercial to domestic and from large to small.
  • Confidently run a project from start to finish.
  • Organise themselves and their office so that they can run their businesses efficiently and professionally.
  • Learn project-specific systems that are required in the interior design industry.
  • Give students the tools to work smarter, not harder and make it easier for their businesses to succeed.
  • Ensure student’s put important systems in place early on, so that they have a smooth and organised process in place when they start working on projects.
  • Structure their businesses in a way that allows them to scale quickly and safely.

Catch-Up Week


At this point, we provide another catch-up week for you. Because the past few weeks required a lot of learning, this will give you an opportunity to go back and re-read things that didn’t sink in the first time or explore new ideas and concepts that you have just learned.

Often this is the point where students realise that they are actually interested in something that they never thought they would be interested in! It is a great time to explore new areas of the interior design world and how they can benefit your business.

Once you have a little breather, we head into a new phase of the program, one where you’ll start running your business and working with clients on real projects.*

*Some students who start the program are already working with clients, however in many cases they still lack many required skills such as CAD drawing, knowing what information is required at each stage of a project or the business side of things. This program is relevant for anyone who is in their first few years of business or who have been in business for a while and are wanting to reorganise their services in a way that are relevant to today.

How To Get Clients & Your Personal Marketing Strategy


The last phase of the program transitions into teaching the daily business activities of an interior designer/business owner. This is where you’ll find out that getting clients just requires consistent action in line with your marketing strategy.

Throughout the program, we teach you key marketing skills, and this is where we tie everything together. We will help you to create the right marketing strategy based on your niche and ideal client, and in turn, you’ll start building your credibility, will start to share your expertise and begin to become intentionally visible.

As usual, this module will be released after your support call. At this point, these support calls are really fun. You’ll become really close with all of your peers and you’ll be really excited about how far you have come and what you have achieved.

The aim of this module is to give students the skills they need to do the following:

  • Find what is unique about their business and use that in their branding/marketing.
  • Create copy and language that attracts and converts their ideal clients.
  • Learn where to find their perfect clients and learn how to turn potential projects into real jobs.
  • Learn un-sleazy, modern and fun ways to promote their businesses.
  • Refine their marketing and clarify their branding message.
  • Develop a consistent income stream for consistent clients.
  • Create long-term marketing strategies that don’t require high-cost advertising.

Trade Relationships & Beginner Mistakes To Avoid


This module teaches you the many other benefits of using an interior designer so that you can use these ideas to market your services. Also, by delving into common beginner mistakes, you’ll gain a head-start in your career by building your knowledge of tricks of the trade which usually requires a career’s worth of experience to learn.

Knowing how trades work and in which order give you a wealth of information as to how long a project will take and help you to avoid project management errors.

After our call, this module will be available for you. It looks like there are plenty of lessons, but our program is structured and presented in a really logical and easy-to-understand way. The feedback we get from students at this point in the program is that they just can’t believe how much they have learned, and they didn’t realise they were learning!

The aim of this module is to give students the skills so that they can:

  • Understand how trade relationships can give them an edge (that most people don’t know about).
  • Create trade relationships with the right industries for their target market.
  • Negotiate deals with key manufacturers so that they can increase their profit and the value provided to clients.
  • Become aware of key problem areas where issues may arise at different stages of a project.
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles specific to interior design.
  • Become aware of the potential pitfalls for interior designers.
  • Learn the basics of project management specific to the profession.

Your First Client & Your First Project


This is where you start your practical experience by working with your first real client. Having a mentor on hand at this point is critical for student’s to be able to ask questions, gain confidence, get help with specific issues such as pricing and ensure the first time they set about undertaking a project, there is someone on hand to help.

As usual, we will release this module after our support call. Usually, this is when the forum support is invaluable as you’ll have answers to your urgent questions throughout the week!

The aim of this module is to give students the skills they need to:

  • Understand the sales process, so they feel confident talking about money.
  • Use our system to find their first client.
  • Complete the sales process, get a definite yes from a potential client, and get paid to undertake a real project.
  • Fill in the day-to-day knowledge gaps of running a project and confidently move forward with their first clients.


Catch-Up Week


This is your last catch-up week. Usually, this is the time when you will start working with your first client. You would have been marketing for around a month (and learning about strategic marketing from the beginning of the program), so it makes sense that things fall into place at this point in the program. This is the time when things start to get real and you will have the support network around you that you will be really grateful for.

This is the point at which you’ll notice the difference between an interior design degree, course and what we provide as mentorship. The support you receive at this point in your career is what will make the difference between success and failure.

At this point, you’ll start to get your answers to questions about:

  • How to price your projects.
  • What services to include.
  • How long the project is expected to take.
  • Where and how to source furniture and fittings.

The Brief, Coaching Skills & How to Listen To What Your Client Really Wants


After nearly 20 years in the industry, working as an architectural and interior designer, I realised the biggest problems arose on projects because this one thing wasn’t done well and was never even taught!

Unique to IDBS, this module delves into modern and up-to-date practices of undertaking the beginning phases of a project that help create strong, clear brief’s that save our students (and their client’s) time and money, whilst limiting the opportunity for miscommunication, reducing disputes and arguments. This module will be available once we finish our support call.

The aim of this module is to help students to:

  • Understand what a brief is and the reasons why it is the most important part of every project.
  • Learn to form an agreement that protects both designer’s and their clients.
  • Learn key coaching skills to help student’s ask clients the “right” questions (and save them from going around in circles or making lots of changes).
  • Gain the skills to listen and be present with clients.
  • Learn about boundaries, how to make sure client’s stick to them and how these boundaries can protect the designer in their new career.

Your Business Success Plan


This module is something unique. We wanted to arm you with the skills and tools that will allow you to grow your business, not just while you’re on the program but for the rest of your career. We ensure that you are set up for success and that you have the skills, knowledge, mindset and business systems in place to position yourself as an expert in this field.

At this point in the program, you know how to run your projects professionally, how to get clients, create and complete design projects and live the dream of running your own interior design business. For this reason, we take the time to reflect on what you have achieved and also set you up for the year ahead.

In this module, you will learn how to plan, reassess and keep track of where you’re at and where you want to go in your business and career as an interior designer.

This module aims to:

  • Compile/complete homework exercises ensuring you have a minimum level of skill in specific areas.
  • Confirm your business legal and trading structure.
  • Complete your branding and website.
  • Decide and confirm how you position yourself in the interior design market and what services you’re providing.
  • Confirm your niche, ideal client and marketing strategy.
  • Demonstrate your professional interior design specific systems are in place.
  • Create 1, 3 and 5-year business goals that follow a trusted business strategy.

Holiday Break


This program revolves around your real life, so we set the dates every round to ensure the best chance of success. We know that during holiday periods, you might be slightly distracted with family time, travel and visitors, so we try to work some spare time into our program. For some, this will be a busy period; for others, it will be a welcome break to focus on what needs to be done.



In order to graduate you will need to pass a final exam and submit your business success plan. Everything is set out for you, and you will be guided every step of the way. We don’t leave anything to chance! We know that you create your future so we provide the tools and knowledge to get you the success you are dreaming of.
Just a note – we appreciate that you will be reading this while you’re deciding on a course or program and possibly at a point in time where you may not believe you are capable of learning or doing all of these things. Every single person who has ever graduated from IDBS has felt the same fear/excitement that you feel too. We are not especially talented, unique, rich, lucky, or any of the things you feel might hold you back from achieving your goals. Our system has been proven with real people, just like you, and it will work for you to. We will hold your hand, and you will get the support you need and you too will get there step by step.

In order to graduate, you will need to submit your business success plan and receive a minimum pass of 50% in your final examination.

You will be assessed on and will need to demonstrate that you have the following skills:

  • A high level of proficiency using digital-technology and CAD (computer-aided design) software.
  • Demonstrate that you have set up your business professionally (in line with our requirements) and have created a sustainable business plan.
  • The ability to work with legal documents, contracts and fee agreements.
  • The ability to create designs that satisfy both aesthetic and technical requirements in response to a client’s design brief.

Graduation – New Beginnings


Students graduate in a unique way. Your graduation assessment is based on sending through your real-life project before it gets sent to your client. Alongside this, you’ll create a business and marketing strategy to follow for the next 6-12 months in your business.

As you graduate and get busy working as an interior designer, we wanted to give some additional help with the everyday challenges that you’ll face as a new business owner.

Your final module will be released after your graduation call, which is reserved for celebrating your success and achievements (this is not a support call).

In this module student’s are taught:

  • How to make business decisions which are right for their business (and not waste time with shiny object syndrome).
  • How to solve business problems.
  • Stepping out of their comfort zone and growing as a business owner.
  • How to find answers to technical questions.
  • How to think outside of the box (and why this helps their small business).
  • How to deal with burnout.
Don’t forget that you have lifetime access to the program (including the social stream). You will no longer be able to ask questions on the forum, however you’ll still be able to see and read new questions and answers from current students). As the program is constantly being updated, it is always current and relevant and means that students have access to an ever-growing library of useful information, friends and community.


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