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Are You Thinking Of Changing Careers To Become An Interior Designer?

Have you been told that changing careers to become an interior designer means starting from scratch and working your way up from the bottom?

How To Change Careers To Become An Interior Designer

At IDBS we created a practical route to help career changers become successful interior designers working for themselves on their terms. We know that not everyone can follow the traditional path into the industry (which involves years of study and working for free to gain experience).
Our people are career changers who might already have a degree or qualification in another field or have taken years off to raise kids. They can’t spend years re-training or working their way up from an office junior. They want a practical, fast, hands-on route to changing careers to become an interior designer, which recognises their maturity and existing skills.
We provide personalised mentorship within a group environment, teaching you all the skills you need to be a professional interior designer and the business skills to succeed.

Dreaming Of Being An Interior Designer?

Our interior design program is unlike any other. No matter which level you’re starting from, a complete beginner or if you have completed a few projects, we refine your project niche to help you thrive, creating unique opportunities best suited to you, your experience level and your lifestyle.
We don’t create cookie-cutter designers. Everyone is unique, selling unique services tailored to their skills, interests and personalities. We guide you step by step to create a new career as an interior designer your way.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Cover In Our Mentorship:

  • Interior design
  • Building regulations
  • Construction and custom furniture design
  • Drawing using CAD
  • Presenting information professionally
  • Project stages
  • How to run projects (residential + commercial)
  • Create E-Designs (digital services)
  • How to market yourself and find clients
  • How to sell online and create income streams
  • Create a personal brand
  • Conduct professional meetings
  • Run projects from start to finish
  • Price projects and
  • Create services (that sell)

If you’ve been thinking about changing careers to become an interior designer but can’t shake the feeling that you’re “giving everything up” to start again, know that you don’t have to and that there is another way designed specifically for you. Listen to the hundreds of success stories from our students, or check out the upcoming dates for our mentorship program.

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