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The start-up stages of an interior design business (and any other business for that matter) are truly the toughest times and definitely when you’ll benefit the most from the knowledge of someone who’s been there before you.

I often get told that just the ability to ask a question to someone experienced during those critical first few months is enough to get someone away from the edge of giving up on their dream and moving onto success as an interior designer.

All businesses are vulnerable at the start-up stages, but now that I have started other companies alongside my interior design business, I can say that an interior design or decorating business is especially vulnerable in more ways simply due to the nature of what we do!

So the following problems are unique to interior design start-up businesses. If you are thinking of starting an interior design, decorating or styling business, then you’ll need to be very confident with the answers to the following questions before making the big leap or decide that you’re going to get the help of a mentor, coach or teacher to help you.

I know how fickle and interior design business can be, so in order to give you the best chance of success, here are the key areas you need to make sure you are clear about before embarking on your interior design start-up business. Some of these may feel a little overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you. Know that being an interior designer is possible for you, just tackle each one of these one-by-one and know that you’re not the only one in the world who has ever had to answer these questions, but when you do, you’ll be ready to succeed as an interior design start-up!

I love interior design, and I love being an interior designer. It’s a rewarding and challenging role that pushes my creativity and builds my knowledge every day. I want you to succeed in this wonderful and useful career, that’s why I have created action steps at the end of each section for you so that you have a chance of succeeding at these early and vulnerable stages setting up your interior design business.

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