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How Are You Going To Present Your Information?

Communication of your ideas is what interior design is fundamentally about. You’ll need to know what information you are required to provide at each stage of a project and have a clear idea of how to present that information in a way that is straightforward and clear.

Most importantly, do you know what information is required from an interior designer to deliver the projects you have promised to undertake in your services?

At the early stages, you maybe be able to produce a mood board to present ideas and possibly a layout of a room that shows furniture positions. But how are you going to give information to builders? How are you going to provide reliable data that allows someone to price your projects? What documentation are you going to use to form a legally binding agreement that ensures you get paid for the work you do? And how are you going to present information about custom made furniture, upholstering and furnishings that require specific detail?

Clear, informative communication at every stage of an interior design project will help keep you out of the worst kind of trouble (your client, manufacturers, tradesmen and builders not understanding what you wanted to achieve).

There are different levels of information required at different stages of an interior design project.

Now that you know what services you are going to provide, you’ll need to know what communication is required to achieve those services at a level equal to what you’re got to be paid for the project. After that, you’ll need to know how you are going to present that information.


How are you going to present your information?

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