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I’m Jo Chrobak an architectural and interior designer who loves helping interior designers get into this secretive career. My mission is to create the world’s best interior designers with high-level skills in a changing industry. I aim to set you up for success right from the start by providing you with an education that surpasses all other interior design courses by providing a practical business-minded and real-life based teaching.

The interior design schools focus heavily on the design aspect of interiors. If you ask any interior designer working in practice; however, they’ll tell you that design is possibly only around 20% of what they do! The other 80% of skills aren’t event taught, and they had to work these things out painstakingly on their own or by working their way up in someone else business.

When I started my own interior design business, I had almost 20 years of experience in the industry but I didn’t have a portfolio to show what I was capable of because that content belonged to the companies I had helped grow and build. So I had to start my business from nothing. Just like the majority of people I train each day to help gain the required skills and set up their interior design business.

I couldn’t show examples to prove that I worked on a convention centre or an Airport project. I couldn’t say that I designed hotels in Muscat, Egypt and Croatia. I couldn’t say that I had designed villas and sustainable houses around the world or high-end properties with bespoke furniture and luxurious detailing. Those designs didn’t belong to me. They belonged to the offices I worked for.

All I had when I started was my tiny flat in London that we developed with our bare hands on a tiny budget to present to the world (so in my eyes absolutely nothing!) In my mind, no-one could see what I was capable of. I wasn’t able to share the complex drawings I had done or the designs that had won awards. I was on my own after giving the best part of my life and careers to other people’s businesses for relatively low pay.

In my first year of business, I made more money than I ever had working for someone else. Over double what I was being paid at my architecture and interior design jobs.

It’s not until later, that I realised that I had started my business just when people were feeling safe purchasing services online. It was an uncanny coincidence. My architectural background helped me create efficient and creative and profitable e-design processes that helped my business skyrocket. Because I ended up taking on so many projects in my first few years of practice, I gained an exceptional amount of experience designing, pricing, delivering and selling these types of services to my clients. They were the backbone of my young business and one thing I am passionate about teaching to my mentees in my mentorship program.

A 20 year career in architecture and interior design taught me everything I needed to know in terms of design and project management but it taught me nothing about what was required to run a successful business. So I ended up studying business and life coaching because I wanted to succeed. When I started mentoring, I realised that that business knowledge, tied with my own experience starting my interiors business as well as my architectural and interior design knowledge was what was helping my interior design mentees succeed.

I created a system that works in helping interior designers get into this industry by teaching them the skills they need to work on projects straight away and helping them to set up their own business rather than sending out CV’s to interior designers who would never hire them.

If you would like to learn more, you can check out our unique mentorship program here: Online Mentorship Interior Design Course

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“This course teaches everything that other courses don’t. It’s exactly what you need to become a working interior designer”
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