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What Services Are You Going To Offer?

Clients will often push us designers to do more than we should or more than we are legally allowed to do. This is especially a problem at the start-up phases of an interiors business, as we are vulnerable to agreeing to do work that can create significant issues for us further down the line.

It is essential to be very clear about what services you are going to offer, legally in your country and in terms of your qualifications.

The services that interior design business can offer vary greatly fro one interiors business to another! We can provide everything and anything from a simple design, furniture sourcing, specifications, project management, construction drawings, furniture installation, physical decorating, styling and much, much more!

What services you are capable, qualified and actual want to provide however are not always aligned with the services that your clients might want or need. For this reason, you’ll need to find a balance between what you want to offer, what your clients want to hire you for and what you’re legally allowed to do, whilst also fitting those services around your brand and marketing image.

This can be really complicated and very difficult for you to be able to see the potential in yourself as well as joining the skills that you have from any previous careers as well as your natural personality traits and interests. Getting outside help during this phase of your start-up is invaluable as it can help you create a unique brand and skillset that sets you apart from other interior designers, positioning you in the market in that happy place where you find the work enjoyable and fun, whilst providing a valuable and useful service that your clients are willing to pay for.


What services are you going to offer?

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