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How Are You Going To Get Clients?

The first few clients can be the easiest or the hardest, depending on where you’re starting. For me, the first few were the hardest because even though I was highly qualified and had years of experience, I was shy, didn’t know anything about how to market myself and didn’t have the answers to all of these important questions (which help you to get clients by the way!)

At the start-up stages, you’ll be wise to offer services that are within your scope of skill. What I mean by that is that undertaking a full house renovation from start to finish including project management, furniture installation, bespoke joinery design and turn-key styling on a protected building, requiring council approvals might not be the type of project you should be aiming to get at the outset, unless you’re confident that you have that type of knowledge and have a team of people at your disposal to complete such a demanding project.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Be confident with where you’re at and know that there are clients for you at every stage of your career.

My students build their knowledge with their projects, gaining larger and more complex projects as their knowledge increases. Know that every designer is different, and we all have different skills so there are clients out there that want the services that you can offer and that are unique to you.

As an architectural interior designer, I specialise in complex interiors that require extensive knowledge in the fabric of the buildings I work on. My clients don’t come to be for styling services alone. That’s just the icing on the cake in my projects. If styling is your speciality, what kind of clients need your service?


What kind of clients need your specific services, and how are you going to convert them into paying clients?

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